A Good Personal Trainer is an Educator

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A Good Personal Trainer is an  Educator

Did the title grab your attention? Great, then this article is written for you!

Although I'm a personal trainer working in the fitness industry, I don't buy fitness magazines. Why? They frustrate me with their bad advice.  I do however like to pick them up in the shop and have a flick through from time to time, I just like to see if the content is different or the message has changed. A headline that caught my eye recently on the front of a men's fit mag was 'a six pack in 24hrs'!

The media is full of promise when it comes to the fitness industry. Newspapers, magazines, my timelines, my feeds and my inbox are constantly bombarding me with the latest miracle product that promises 'a six pack in 24hrs'. Diets, training programs and supplements are all high on the agenda of these adds competing for my attention. Do any of these products really work? Is there any truth to such claims? How can you get these amazing results? Is it even possible? I've been a personal trainer for 15 years now, I've had clients bring me the adds along with all the questions, I've tried and researched the supplements, I've put myself through the training plans. I know what works and what doesn't, I can see through the marketing strategies and get to the heart of the matter.

As a Personal Trainer I see it as my responsibility to put out positive messages and to spread the word on what is the most effective way for you to get the results you desire. Every client that I work with I not only write and take them through their own personal plan but I educate them on the myths, the marketing and importantly the truth about what really works. I have written my own articles, designed my own programs, I stock my chosen supplements all in an attempt to sell you one thing, a healthier you. All of my clients get further reading, Q&A time and a strategy that works for them. They don't just get a workout, they get a fitness education.

Now for the paragraph that you didn't want to read, what does really work? You have probably already guessed or perhaps deep down you already know that there really is no such thing as a quick fix. The reality is that we are in an obesity epidemic which no amount of raspberry tablets, shakes or dvd box sets has managed to even dent. If the shortcut did exist the NHS would snap it up and save themselves a small fortune in treating weight related disease. The magic pill would make BBC headlines not a small add on your Facebook wall. Humans are complex, emotional beings and generally won't follow a plan with machine like precision. We all have busy lives and sometimes our scheduled week doesn't go to plan. We are all creatures of habit and not all of those habits are good. What you need is a long term strategy that fits around your lifestyle, gradual and sustainable changes that form into positive new habits. You need positive influence and motivation. You need a fitness education. You need a mentor. You need a good Personal Trainer.

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