Buns Of Steel

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Buns Of Steel

There is a bit of an obsession around the bum when it comes to training. Everyone loves to give their booty a good workout and a sore bum is often quite pleasing and well received. Check out some of my favourite exercises to fire up those glutes.

Training your bum is not all about aesthetics. In terms of sports performance it is up there with one of the most powerful muscles in the body and harnesses a lot of natural power needed for running, jumping and lifting. Training the buttocks can also be great from a postural perspective. Spending excessive amounts of time sitting on our ass rather than moving around and using it can lead to a number of movement compensations. In summary keeping a strong bum is great for looking hot, performing well and avoiding injury.

Now we understand the benefits of a good strong and flexible bum you need to learn how to use it properly. The trick is getting the correct joint mechanics. A combination of hip flexion, adduction and internal rotation under load gives the backside no other choice but to wake up and get working. One of my favourite tools to do this is the ViPR and here are some of my favourite exercises to make it happen...

Beginner / intermediate booty blasters

Advanced ass activation

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