Personal Training Packages For Everyone

One to One

  • Slim Down Shape Up: Eating habits that spark fat loss and exercises that create shape.
  • Build and Tone: Create a muscular build by eating the correct type and amount of food and using the most efficient exercises.
  • Fit, Athletic and Lean: A program to become fitter, more athletically capable and look toned.
  • Less Pain More Motion: A hybrid massage therapy and fitness program to overcome and prevent pain and injury.
  • Event Preparation: A plan tailored to condition your body for an upcoming fitness challenge.

Partner & Small Group

  • Partner Training: Train with a friend or partner for moral support and companionship.
  • Circle of Friends: For a sociable group of people with a common goal that want to spur each other on.
  • Group Event Preparation: A plan tailored to condition your team for an upcoming fitness challenge.

Corporate Presentations

Workplace presentations can be written to specifically meet the wants and needs of your staff and workplace. If you would like to discuss your specific requirements or to learn more about  providing a bespoke presentation or workshop within your workplace, please contact me using the form below. Alternatively, you can choose from 3 pre-designed presentations that can be delivered at your convenience including...

Productivity Through Wellness
Learn how to apply diet and exercise to help boost productivity, reduce sick leave and improve the happiness of your workforce.

The Office Survival Guide
Learn about the health risks that a sedentary office job can cause and discuss strategies for change to promote a healthier, happier workforce and office environment.

Postural Awareness & Correction
Learn to recognise the different postural compensations that desk work can create. Identify strategies for prevention, correction and how to apply them.

Corporate Fitness & Group Personal Training

If you would like to encourage a fit and active workforce, get in touch to discuss my corporate fitness packages. Packages can range from one off fitness team building sessions, weekly team workouts or fitness training and preparation for a team challenge or event.

Fitness Industry

  • Personal Trainer Mentorship: Learn what it takes to grow and maintain a successful Personal Training business from someone who lives and breathes it.
  • Original Movement Education: Professional development courses for Personal Trainers and massage therapists passionate about results.
  • Fitpro, ViPR National Trainer: Presenting ViPR at various conventions throughout the UK as well as delivering certification workshops.
  • TRX, 'RIP Trainer' Master Trainer: Presenting at fitness conventions and delivering RIP training certification courses around the UK.
  • Power Plate, Master Trainer: Working for Power Plate on a consultancy basis delivering education and providing certification courses.

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Friendly Advice

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