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My Experience so far as a Personal Trainer

personal-trainer-nottingham-stephen-tongue I'm now approaching 15 years experience as a personal trainer in Nottingham and I still wake up on a Monday morning and love going to work. It's what I've wanted to do since I was a teenager.

My passion for fitness and therapy pushes me to constantly better my practice. I have studied countless CPD qualifications, workshops and seminars. I seek out the best educators in the world to continue my studies, better my practice and stay ahead of the curve.

Who I work with…

As a personal trainer in Nottingham, the majority of my client base consists of males and females aged between 25 -50 and living in and around Nottingham. I am certainly not exclusive to that segment and have worked with all age ranges, my youngest ever client is 11 and my oldest 83. I have worked with clients from many different backgrounds including general public, full time athletes, celebrities and royalty and from all around the UK.

What I specialise in...

I am a fully qualified personal trainer with additional nutrition and therapy related qualifications and so I like to blend the three to create an all round service. I work particularly well with individuals that are new or returning to exercise but have also worked with many to improve sports performance or manage long term injury / illness.

"Working with Stephen has been brilliant. He is extremely professional and knowledgeable. I admire the way that he is constantly learning new things and developing himself as a personal trainer."

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My Career

My passion is one to one fitness and therapy though I have held other interesting roles in the industry including…

  • Regional Fitness Management
  • Tutor and assessor for both basic and advanced fitness qualifications
  • Master Trainer roles for fitness equipment companies including Powerplate UK, TRX and ViPR.
  • Group Exercise Instruction

My Philosophy

I believe that a good personal trainer should not just help to people lose a few pounds or to run a little faster (although that helps). They should also help to improve overall health. Being healthier means that you will get the most out of your body, your career, your relationships and ultimately your life. The model I use to do this and the aspects of health I try to subtly influence are found in a model called the Triad of Health.

Mental health is very important to achieving overall health because ultimately the conscious and sub conscious minds are the drivers of the body's actions and behaviours. Many things can influence good mental health but I often see reoccurring mistakes by clients that if addressed could really benefit them. The most common of these is relaxation time. Knowing what makes you happy and taking time out to do it has huge influence on your perception of how happy you are as an individual. Many people simply do not do this often enough, you should schedule time into your diary weekly to do something that truly makes you feel good.

Chemical health refers to our biochemistry. Our biochemistry is largely influenced by our environment such as whether you live in a busy city or in remote country side and of course by what we put into our bodies whether it be food, drugs or other substances such as smoke. Good chemical health can be achieved by providing what it is the body needs and not what the sub conscious craves. To achieve this you need to be disciplined which can only be accomplished with good mental health. My best advice on chemical health is to eat natural foods, the foods which our bodies evolved on and reduce exposure to toxins.

Structural health is where my expertise lies and refers to a well balanced, freely moving body. Your posture can influence your bodies biochemistry and even your emotions. Having a living machine that is well oiled gives you the perfect vehicle to enjoy your health and make the most of your 5 senses and how they interpret the world around you. Efficient, pain free motion is what I aim to achieve with everyone and my best advice on achieving this is continue to move with good energy in all three dimensions of motion.

"Stephen has been an amazing personal trainer and there is no way I would have dragged my body round the course without his help and support!"

What makes a good Personal Trainer

In my opinion, a good personal trainer is an educator as well as a motivator. It is my responsibility to share information about the most effective methods to help you get the results you desire. I'll educate you on the myths, the marketing and most importantly the truth about what really works and what is right for you. My website contains a range of articles that you can browse but for a truly tailored assessment and plan, I recommend 1-2-1 sessions with me.

A good personal trainer will also provide the right environment for clients to train in. Feeling comfortable, having the right equipment and being able to train efficiently are all important aspects. I train clients in the Original Movement studio close to the center of Nottingham. The studio contains everything we need - covering all types of training and catering for all types of goals. The studio is set in a tranquil location with plenty of natural light and even has an outdoor area overlooking the river.

Goal Setting - Your first step towards success

You may already have a clear goal in mind. Getting in shape for an event or being able to wear that special dress again are both common goals. Whatever your personal circumstances are, setting clear and measurable goals are paramount to your success. As your personal trainer it is my responsibility to help you to set goals and to create a plan that will help you achieve them. We'll assess where you are, identify where you want to get to, and plan the route to getting there.

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