Buns of steel

buns of steel image

There is a bit of an obsession around the bum when it comes to training. Everyone loves to give their booty a good workout and a sore bum is often quite pleasing and well received. Check out some of my favourite exercises to fire up those glutes.

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FitPro Live 2015

fitpro live 2015 image

Fitpro hold an annual fitness convention showcasing the best presenters, latest trends and products in the fitness industry. I was there last week in the London Excel soaking up the atmosphere. Read on to learn more about what I experienced at FitPro Live 2015.p>

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How I improve my clients flexibility in 3 simple steps

how i improve clients flexibility 3 simple steps image
Let’s face it feeling tight and stiff is not a good feeling, being loose and supple makes you feel so much more capable and free. Most people that I speak to would like to be more flexible but generally speaking many of them don’t stretch. Lack of motivation to stretch may stem from the avoidance of pain, boredom, time restraints or other reasons / excuses. In this short article I will tell you how I achieve flexibility in my clients without long, drawn out and painful stretching routines. Here is my top three tips on how to get and stay flexible.

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Personal trainer fat loss program part 1

personal trainer fat loss program image

As a Personal Trainer I’m often asked ‘How do you exercise?’ and ‘What do you eat?’. In the next two blogs I’ll give you an insight into my current training program in the hope that it might offer you some inspiration and perhaps some new ideas. Read on to see my exercise regime from this week

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Office survival guide

the office survival guide image

Many of my clients are based in an office environment. Whether small businesses or large corporations, recent research has shown that the impact of spending too much time in this environment can impact your long term health. In this article I explore the potential problems the office can cause and suggest some strategies to minimise the risks.

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7 habits of highly healthy people part 4: Eat natural foods

eat variety of natural foods image

Do you know what a good diet looks like? I have a theory that almost everyone in the western world knows what a good diet is. I could stop anyone in the street and present them with two lunch options: one being very healthy and the other being unhealthy and they could identify the healthy option with ease. Despite this, the western world has one of the worst diets in the world and as a result one of the highest levels of death by non-communicable diseases. In my article Fat Foods the 4 C’s I discuss my theory as to why we can identify healthy foods, but yet choose unhealthy options time and time again.

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7 ways to fit exercise into your life – no excuses

7 ways to fit exercise into your life image

Working as a Personal Trainer in Nottingham for 15 years I have pretty much heard all of the excuses under the sun for not exercising. The most common excuse of course is ‘I just don’t have time’. In this article I’m going to give you hints and tips on how to fit exercise into a busy lifestyle and really take your health and fitness up a gear.

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Leisure industry week

leisure industry week image

At the start of this month I took 2 days out from Personal Training and headed down to the Birmingham NEC for LIW. This is an industry exhibition that showcases products, education and what’s new in industry trends.

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Sweaty Betty movement masterclass

I recently put together a small group training session for popular women’s fashion retailer Sweaty Betty. The workout was titled ‘Movement Masterclass’ and intended to demonstrate how effective exercise can be without the use of equipment and how fun it can be to exercise with a few friends.

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Starting your personal training journey

personal training starting the journey image

You did it! You have made the decision to do something about your current status of health and fitness and you’re booked in for your first Personal Training session with Stephen Tongue Fitness. You’re nervous, maybe excited about what to expect from your first session and perhaps thinking about the aftermath of your first workout? In this short article I will explain what you can expect from your first personal training session with me – why you have every reason to be excited and no need to be nervous.

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Charity wing walk to raise money for Maggies

charity wing walking image

As you may or may not know one of the services I offer in Nottingham is tailor made group personal training classes. I deliver this service to several different groups but one particular client I have had the pleasure of working with regularly is Maggies Cancer Centre. If you would like to learn more about how I am involved with Maggies please read my previous article.

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Secrets to staying slim this Christmas

secrets to staying slim at christmas image

I know what you’re thinking – ‘that cake looks delicious’, and you’re right! For many of you though, Christmas can be a real challenge – often forcing you take many steps back after working hard to acheive your goals. With that in mind, here’s 5 top tips to help you survive the large quantities of food and alcohol which will be forced upon you this Christmas.

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ViPR is evolving

vipr is evolving image

As I’m sure you already know if you’re reading this, I’m a huge ViPR™ fan. I just love the way such a simple tool can offer so many training possibilities to such a broad array of people. As a personal trainer in Nottingham, ViPR is one of the four key tools I use every day in my to help people move better and feel healthier.

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Changes in personal training and the fitness industry

changes in pesonal training image

Whilst working with my clients in Nottingham recently, I found myself reminiscing about previous celebrity clients that I have trained in the past and shared my experience of training Sir Richard Branson for his 60th kite surfing challenge (that eventually got cancelled). It made me reflect on how things have changed since then – both for me personally as a personal trainer and in the fitness industry as a whole.

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UK ViPR Master Trainier

vipr UK master trainer image

My journey to become a UK ViPR National Trainer is now complete. It’s been a long process, after being successfully short listed I have been trained up over the course of 2013, completed my final assessment and achieved sign off last month. This role means that I will be presenting ViPR training along with the ViPR UK Training team at various conventions and delivering industry education throughout the UK.

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How to improve your pullups

how to improve your pullups image

During my Personal Trainer sessions in Nottingham I often find that clients would like to be better at pull ups but are intimidated by the exercise because they find it so difficult. In this article I will give you some tips on how to get started and how to progress your pull ups gradually to get super strong and toned.

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Maggies Nottingham: exercise and cancer

maggies nottingham image

Recently I was approached to provide an exercise course for individuals recovering from cancer at Maggie’s Nottingham. Having never heard of this organisation before I went to meet with in-house Counselling Psychologist Tina Johnson to find out what it was all about. At that point I was unaware of the influence Maggie’s would have on me.

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Barefoot running

barefoot running image

Barefoot running has been a talking point for some time now and I have been wearing barefoot running shoes daily for about 18 months. Initially wearing my barefoot shoes was very tiring and my feet would throb and ache every evening in bed. Now though, I feel my feet have grown stronger and more mobile and when I wear supportive shoes I feel like I have marshmallows on my feet!

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Teaching TRX RIP Instructor Certification at RAF Cranwell

trx rip training raf cranwell image

As a Master Trainer for TRX RIP Training I get to do some really cool jobs. I recently had the pleasure of working with the RAF at their Cranwell base. The fact that the military are taking on board and incorporating TRX RIP training and TRX Suspension training into their conditioning programs is testament to the effectiveness and functionality of these training tools.

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What is sciatic pain and why do i have it?

sciatic pain image

Sciatica is a commonly used but poorly understood term that people often associate with pain radiating down the back of the leg. Whilst there can be many causes of posterior thigh pain, true sciatica relates to a compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve, the large nerve running from the spine down the back of the leg all the way to the foot.

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Benefits of the press up

benefits of press up image

The humble press up has stood the test of time, it has been, is, and will continue to be one of the most popular exercises out there. There is good reason for that, its extremely effective! So why do I and other personal trainers out there love the press up so much? Lets take a look at some of its key benefits:

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Nutrition – an overview

nutrition overview image

In order to achieve optimal nutrition we need a balance of Macronutrients (which come in the form of carbohydrates, proteins and fats) and Micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). Over thousands of years of evolution our digestive systems have adapted to the nourishing foods around us to the point that our species could thrive on a wide variety of foods presented to us in the natural world. These natural foods delivered the perfect balance of macronutrients and micronutrients needed to provide optimal health.

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5 fat loss workout strategies

fat loss workout strategies image

If your on it, then your on it. Perhaps you have an upcoming deadline and your inching your way to a slimmer you? If your on a fitness drive right now you might be hitting the gym hard but are you doing it right? Let’s take advantage of your efforts to fight the flab by making the most of your workout time. Use these 5 great tips to ensure that all your hard work is focused on working off your wobble.

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The triad of health

triad of health image

As a personal trainer I see it as my role not just to help people lose a few pounds or to run a little faster (although that helps) but to improve their overall health. Being healthier means that you will get the most out of your body, your career, your relationships and ultimately your life. The model I use to do this and the aspects of health I try to subtly influence are found in a model called the triad of health.

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Fat Foods – the 4 C’s

fat foods 4 cs image

Our knowledge of the human body is forever growing and over the last few hundred years scientists have been able to unravel even the most intimate details of how the body is put together, how it functions, what makes us tick and how our life eventually comes to an end. There will be of course many more great discoveries made and deeper understanding to come. As it stands right now our understanding of anatomy, physiology and pathology is immense. Despite this we live in an age with growing prevalence from often preventible diseases.

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ViRP National Trainer

vipr national trainer nottingham

My fitness training style is very much influenced by a passion to help people move well and so the beginnings of the ‘functional training’ trend got me very excited. I remember sitting in a lecture by Michol Dalcourt (ViPR inventor) at the FitPro Convention back in 2009 where he first revealed the ViPR in the form of a video. The video showed an athletic looking male performing all types of weird and wonderful exercises, the moment I saw the motions that this tool could drive I wanted to get involved…

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FitPro convention

fitpro image

The Fitpro convention is an annual event which is pretty much the highlight of my business year. This event has been running for over 20 years and is held on Loughborough university campus. The convention draws the best health and fitness presenters and educators from all over the world onto one site for three days.

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