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Charity wing walk to raise money for Maggies

As you may or may not know one of the services I offer in Nottingham is tailor made group personal training classes. I deliver this service to several different groups but one particular client I have had the pleasure of working with regularly is Maggies Cancer Centre. If you would like to learn more about how I am involved with Maggies please read my previous article.

Working so closely with Maggies has exposed me to the great work that they do for all those affected by cancer. It is a highly valued service for those that are having to deal with the condition as well as for the friends and family around them. I have seen first hand the positive impact that the centre has on those coping with cancer and this has compelled me to become more involved in helping raise funds for the centre.

I have set myself the goal of raising £1000 for Maggies before the year is out and this wing walk is my first big fund raising event. If you are not familiar with wing walking it is a somewhat hair raising activity that involves you standing on the top of an aeroplanes wings whilst it performs various manoeuvres. The plane will perform steep climbs, rapid drops, steep rolls and low passes to give you an opportunity to wave at your spectators. Imagine the most exciting roller coaster that you’ve ever been on, increase the speed, remove the track and take into account that it lasts a whole 15 minutes. Now you’re starting to build a picture. Take a look at the following video with Karl Pilkinton to see what I’m letting myself in for:

Another big part of the personal challenge for me in attempting this event is the fact that there is a maximum weight restriction. In order for the planes engine to complete the manoeuvres successfully wing walkers can be no heavier than 12st 1 lb. When I decided to take the challenge on I was weighing in at 12st 8 lbs meaning I have half a stone to lose.

I don’t have a huge amount of body fat to drop and I do have rather a large appetite so dropping 7 lbs in 6 weeks is going to require some dedication from me. To lose the weight I will be reducing my resistance training programs, increasing my running and other endurance activities and fasting for 2 whole days every week from now until the event. My weight loss is just about on track at this point but I fear I may need a final push with training and dieting in the final week to make weight. The event will take place at Damyns Hall Aerodrome in Essex at 12:00 on Sunday September 28th.

In summary I have set myself an ambitious fund raising target for a fantastic and worthy cause. I hope to achieve this by dropping weight I don’t really have to lose and by strapping myself to the wing of an aircraft whilst it performs stunts. The only way I can make this event successful is by asking for support from you and your friends. If you know someone that has been affected by cancer and you believe Maggies to be a worthy cause please make a small donation of what ever you can afford on my just giving page.

One other way you can support me in achieving this is to share this article and / or my just giving page on your social media platform. Taking a small amount of your time to do this will be appreciated by many, thank you.

Finally, if you are reading this thinking I would love to do that, well you can. You need to be fit and healthy and under the maximum weight, if you wish to join me on this crazy event, contact for more details.

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