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Personal trainer fat loss program part 1

As a Personal Trainer I’m often asked ‘How do you exercise?’ and ‘What do you eat?’. In the next two blogs I’ll give you an insight into my current training program in the hope that it might offer you some inspiration and perhaps some new ideas. Read on to see my exercise regime from this week

You should always have a long term vision for your training and its direction which should then broken down into phases. To keep your body stimulated you should progress to a new phase roughly every 4-8 weeks dependant on the intensity of the phase. Without phased training it’s easy to lose your way with training, become bored, demotivated and get stuck in a rut. Phased training offers regular new challenges, fresh ideas and can really help to keep your interest in training. To find at more about how to correctly cycle through training phases, please contact me using the form at the bottom of this page.

At current I’m working off the reminder of my Easter Eggs and so my current goal is to reduce my body fat. This means that I’m doing more Cardio training in relation to resistance and my resistance exercises aim to maximise calorie burn by using multiple large muscle groups and minimal rest. Here is an overview of my training this week.

Monday: Traditional Weight Lifting Techniques

This helps me maintain a base level of strength and muscle tone. See details below.

Tuesday: 6KM Pace Run

This is my key fat burning workout where I aim to push my aerobic system to its limit and improve weekly. It’s a performance based run.

Wednesday: Functional Resistance Training

This is another key calorie burning session for this phase of training. This involves all key functional movement patterns and helps me maintain general flexibility and athleticism. At the moment this is high repetitions and low rest durations to help me burn up some energy. See session details below.

Thursday: 10 rounds of boxing

10 x 2 min rounds of boxing helps me work on my high intensity (anaerobic) energy systems to help progress my cardio fitness. Working on improving skill helps to challenge my coordination and agility levels. It’s also a great way to channel any stress or negative energy.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 5KM Dog Jog

This is a light hearted jog that I can enjoy and relax on. I play games with the dogs, get muddy and try to forget that I’m exercising. It’s a nice low level fat burning session that always puts me in a good frame of mind for the weekend.

Sunday: Rest

If you’re interested in the exercises I do for my resistance workouts here is a typical example:

Traditional weight lifting techniques

Exercise – Set1 | Set2 | Set3
BB Squats – 15 reps | 10 reps | 6 reps
Pull Ups – Max reps 10 weighted | 6 weighted
Power Plate Squats – 15 reps | 10 reps | 6 reps
Bench Press – 15 reps | 10 reps | 6 reps
Deadlift – 15 reps | 10 reps | 6 reps
Tricep Dips – Max reps | 10 weighted | 6 weighted
Hanging Leg Raise – 20 reps | 20 reps | 20 reps
Bicep Curls – 15 reps | 10 reps | 6 reps

Functional Resistance Training

Exercise – Set1 | Set2 | Set3
VIPR Lunge Martix Uppercut – 24 reps | 24 reps | 24 reps
TRX 180 rotational Row – 20 reps | 20 reps | 20 reps
ViPR retrieve and shift matrix – 20 reps | 20 reps | 20 reps
TRX Jacknife Press Up – 20 reps | 20 reps | 20 reps
ViPR cylinder Squat to Press – 20 reps | 20 reps | 20 reps
ViPR Duck Walk & Raise – 20 reps | 20 reps | 20 reps
Resisted Functional Crawl – 45 secs | 45 secs | 45 secs
ViPR Diagonal Sit Up & Roll – 20 reps | 20 reps | 20 reps

If your aim is to lower body fat too, then your efforts need to go beyond training. Diet is a huge influence (I will reveal my diet in next weeks blog) as is physical activity. Most of our energy is burned from fats when we are doing low level activity such as walking, lifting, carrying, housework etc.

A great way to monitor this is using a pedometer or similar activity tracker to record how good your physical activity habits are. Being a personal trainer I am doing exercise demos and low level exercise all day and so my opportunities to burn fat are plenty, others may have to employ strategies to encourage more general daily movement.

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