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Secrets to staying slim this Christmas

I know what you’re thinking – ‘that cake looks delicious’, and you’re right! For many of you though, Christmas can be a real challenge – often forcing you take many steps back after working hard to acheive your goals. With that in mind, here’s 5 top tips to help you survive the large quantities of food and alcohol which will be forced upon you this Christmas.

Saboteur Safeguarding

In an article earlier in the year I identified ‘saboteurs’ as individuals that try to spoil your efforts to maintain a healthy diet and nutrition regime. Christmas is a time when eating and drinking to excess is not just common but actively encouraged by many, at this time of year saboteurs are out in force and can be heard bellowing “Don’t be humbug, its Christmas.” I think it’s great to take time off training and be more relaxed with your diet at Christmas but you don’t need to go overboard. Nominate a few occasions to really let your hair down with no limits and try to be sensible the rest of the time.

You may know already who is likely to lead you astray this Christmas. Rehearse a script in your head of how you plan to deal with the saboteurs, be prepared for the pressure they may put on you. You may decide to stand up to them and try and win them over to your way of thinking? Alternatively white lies may be a less painful option such as “I can’t eat that I’m intolerant” or “I’m not drinking, I’m driving”.

Beverage bombardment

For many Christmas is a great excuse for excessive drinking. Do enjoy yourself but know your limits, after all it may save you embarrassment at the office party or prevent that classic Christmas Day family row. Try not to mix your drinks, drink the occasional soft drink to pace yourself and of course if your driving just don’t risk it.

Tactical Buffet

Festive, fattening foods are prolific at work, at home and at the Christmas party. Buffets and fuddles are common place at this time of year. To limit the damage fill up on protein foods first. Turkey, chicken legs, prawns, eggs and spicy sausage are all examples of common buffet proteins. Eating these foods first help to fill you faster and for longer, they use more calories to break down (boost metabolism) and help keep your blood sugar levels stable all limiting fat gain.

Balance the binge

If or should I say, when you have a blow-out this season try to level off your energy balance. That means if you consume vast amounts of energy (food) you should make an effort to use some of that energy too (exercise). If you have a binge approaching have a workout before the event because you certainly won’t feel like it afterwards. Of course a little bit of cheesy dancing is also a great way to keep those hips moving. Motion is lotion.

Hangover management systems

A hangover is probably going to happen at some point so here are some pointers to reduce the severity and get you back on your feet before the afternoon Christmas film. Try to drink clear spirits and clean (natural) mixers. They have less toxins and are therefore less damaging to your liver.

Drink an occasional glass of water throughout the night and have a pint of water before bed. Most hangover related headaches are attributed to dehydration.

The next morning have a glass of water with some rehydration salts (available from the chemist) and some effervescent vitamin C which has an antioxidant effect.

Be sure to have a bit of what you fancy for breakfast to get your energy levels back up to scratch. Have a bucket and a towel to hand just in case you really did over do it!

Merry Christmas you lot!


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