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Why is nutrition important?

You cannot ignore nutrition, simply exercising your body and mind is not enough. To achieve good health, performance and body shape you must provide your body with the right amount of energy and nutrients that it needs at the time it needs it.

Nutrition is often what creates the most confusion when it comes to getting great results. Understanding what to eat is difficult enough but then having the discipline, organisation and time to eat properly poses further challenges.

why is nutrition important

nutrition that's right for you

Nutrition that’s right for you

I work with clients to provide nutrition advice and help to educate them about which foods will benefit them and their personal goals. I then work with them to coach healthy eating habits that help shape a healthier lifestyle. This may include advice on shopping, kitchen set up, food preparation, and supplementation.

I believe that food should be enjoyed and so with all clients I aim to strike a balance between the foods we want and the foods we need.

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