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Online Training

The most cost effective option to connect with STF.

Workout at home with no equipment needed and exercise options to suit all levels.

Work through the 12 month nutrition curriculum to learn all about the habits that build a healthy body for life.

Private Group Coching

The best value option giving you the maximum amount of coaching time for your money.

This is great for those that are motivated by working with and alongside others, thrive on the social side of training and like meeting like minded people with a common goal.

121 Coaching

The most bespoke package.

This is the best choice for those that prefer privacy, are managing medical conditions, joint problems or injuries.

This is all about you and overcoming your individual challenges for success.

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What clients say

leo testimonial


"Stephen pushes me hard and challenges me every session and although its tough and sweaty I love it! The way he trains suits me down to a tee. I have lost a lot of weight which I’m delighted with but I also feel fit again, have more energy for everyday activities and I’m mentally in a much better place for this. Starting PT with Stephen has been one of the best decisions I have made; he is worth every penny and I would recommend him to anyone!

jill testimonial


Stephen is encouraging and has high expectations about what I can achieve which has had a great impact on my mental attitude towards exercise. He encourages me to push myself and believe that I can improve! Thanks to Stephen's help I have been able to meet my first goal this summer, which was to spend several days whitewater kayaking! I felt energetic, strong and confident in my ability to cope."

tres testimonial


"Working with Stephen is hard work – but in a good way! I’ve lost nearly 2 stone, dropped 2 dress sizes, and I feel the strongest and fittest I have ever felt. I have also created space in my week that is just for me, which perhaps is the most profound result. I love working with him, I love the challenges and the fact that I can see myself progressing."

nigel testimonial


"The training process with Stephen was really good. Initially I planned to have a trainer for a while to give me back some motivation, get me progressing and give me some idea’s. I then thought once back on track I could pack the trainer in and return to training myself. That never happened, I enjoyed it so much and saw such results that even now years later I still have a trainer. I consider him a mate as well as my trainer."

andrea testimonial


"I have loved every minute training with Stephen. I am valued as a client and programmes are tailored to me and my goals and abilities. I am stretched and love it when I realise I can do things that I hadn't expected to be able to do. Stephen is a great motivator. A tough cookie too but always with a smile.The fact that I can see results both physically and mentally then what more can I wish for?"

kim testimonial


"Stephen was polite, highly professional and made me feel that I could achieve an all round level of fitness that I thought was only available to professional golfers. Whilst working with Stephen I was never seemed to be pushed too far, but the results were excellent, I felt a spring in my step and an increased energy level. I would recommend Stephen to anybody looking to improve their fitness and well being whether they are young or old."

nicola testimonial


"Working with Stephen has been brilliant. He is extremely professional and knowledgeable. I admire the way that he is constantly learning new things and developing himself as a trainer. In that way neither of us stand still and our sessions are interesting and challenging. Stephen knows when to push me and when to ease off. I enjoy my training and constantly feel better for it. I ran a 10km race, something I never thought that I would achieve. Stephen has kept me moving and active, and enjoying my training."

richard testimonial


"Working with Stephen surpassed my expectations. My experience has been very positive and productive. Every session is a challenge and I always come away pleased with how I've performed and feeling that progress has been made. I did a season of triathlons, culminating in an Olympic distance at the London Triathlon (1.5km swim, 40km bike and 10k run). Never having ever competed at anything before, finishing that was a massive high."

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