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“As a complete newbie to personal trainers I had no idea what to expect but during my consultation Stephen made me feel completely at ease and like I was really listened to, without judgement. The first thing I said to him was ‘I need this to be easy, or I won’t stick with it’ and to this day Stephen has always kept this in mind, pushing me just enough and never too much.

Stephen has ultimately been my therapist when it comes to my mindset surrounding food, always looking at the ‘why’ and not just the ‘how.’ He is always on hand if I am unsure about something, down to what to order when I’m out for dinner! I find that I need that constant presence and reassurance, someone to talk things through with and keep me motivated. Stephen has certainly been that person!

When it came to exercise, Stephen was very conscious of my knee injury and helped me come up with a workout schedule that suited me, which was a massive ask as I hated most forms of exercise and always tried to do as little as possible! He tracked my workouts and gave me tips and advice, letting me know when it was time to switch things up for better results. This was invaluable, as I really had no idea what I was doing! His positive attitude makes everything seem possible, and he has a solution for everything which makes it really hard to find excuses not to do your workouts!

It was the middle of lockdown when I signed up with ST Fitness so my only option was the Online Training package. The idea was to switch to a more comprehensive package when the restrictions eased, but the guidance and support I got from Stephen was constant and I’ve never felt that I was missing out! The Online Training package is also very affordable and gives me a lot of flexibility which I love so it’s a winner for me!

I would never have been able to reach my goals without Stephen, and whilst it is an ongoing process, I already feel so much happier and healthier.”



“I'd gotten into a bit of a rut with exercise having to manage a busy freelance schedule. Any time at the gym was unproductive and stale and my diet had become lazy, so I was in desperate need for some motivation. I'd worked with another PT about 5 or 6 years ago so sort of knew what to expect but with the previous guy I sometimes wondered if he'd prefer training proper fit athletes rather than an average person so I hoped Stephen would not be like that.

Working with Stephen has been really wonderful and an absolute joy throughout. I always felt like each session was properly tailored towards me and pushed me without me leaving feeling demoralised because I couldn't lift a particular weight or get under a specific time. I've been constantly amazed at how Stephen manages to keep it so fresh but still challenging and you never feel like you're flatlining or getting stale. His adaptability is incredible and demonstrated to herculean efforts during the lockdown where PT sessions moved to zoom. I admit I wasn't convinced they'd be as effective but was happily proven wrong and his daily workouts became a valuable part of life during lockdown.

There has always been a community feel about working with Stephen and you feel like you are part of a bigger fitness family. I think the benefits of working with someone like Stephen who takes a genuine interest in your life and development is that it goes beyond just fitness. Looking back I feel my overall mental health and sense of wellbeing has improved and the whole experience has probably been the best therapy I'll ever have. Thank you, Stephen!

The best result has been the confidence and inspiration to keep training beyond our PT sessions. The past two years definitely feels like an investment for how I will live my life in a healthier and more active way going forward.”



“Before I started PT with Stephen I had just left a job which had made me unhappy, stressed and tired. I had put on a lot of weight, had a recurring injury and lost all motivation for exercise and cooking even though sport/fitness is my passion. With more free time in the new job and a recommendation to see Stephen, it was time to do something about what I’d become.

As I’ve been active most of my life I had reservations whether I really needed to pay someone to tell me what I thought I already knew. I’m so glad I went for it as I have learnt a lot in terms of managing my injury, food intake and exercise.

Stephen pushes me hard and challenges me every session and although its tough and sweaty I love it! He’s got a great depth of knowledge so anything I ask he can answer and he’s just really easy to get on with. The way he trains suits me down to a tee.

It’s hard to pinpoint the main result I’ve had from the PT with Stephen. I have lost a lot of weight which I’m delighted with but I also feel fit again, have more energy for everyday activities and I’m mentally in a much better place for this. Starting PT with Stephen has been one of the best decisions I have made; he is worth every penny and I would recommend him to anyone!”



“Before I started working with Stephen I had stopped exercising regularly and felt unsure about how to start again. I was a member of a gym but didn't really know how to use the machines and equipment effectively and so I just drifted around with no goals in mind. I had put on weight over the last few years and because of my job I was worried that I did not have enough time to exercise. My blood pressure was on the high side and I wanted to lower it as well as improving my fitness.

I didn't really have any reservations about working with a trainer but I wasn't sure what approach Stephen would take with me. I was really pleased that he spent time initially to assess my level of fitness, analyse my diet and identify some goals with me.

I have looked forward to every session because Stephen has varied the exercises I do with him according to what else I have been doing during the week. He has given me a variety of programmes to follow and has adapted my routines to focus upon specific areas, e.g.hamstring problems. Stephen is encouraging and has high expectations about what I can achieve which has had a great impact on my mental attitude towards exercise. He encourages me to push myself and believe that I can improve! In addition to our weekly sessions, Stephen also provides support if I e-mail him with a query. He is always prompt to reply and I appreciate his professional approach.

Thanks to Stephen's help I have been able to meet my first goal this summer, which was to spend several days whitewater kayaking! I felt energetic, strong and confident in my ability to cope.”



“Before I met Stephen, I was lethargic, overweight, and completely overworked. I had been thinking for a while that I needed to sort myself out – I was 48 and felt ‘middle aged’. The reason it took me so long to actually go and see Stephen was simply that I didn’t have the time. I run my own business and that takes up ALL of my time and there just wasn’t any space for me to see when I would actually see him. I took the plunge and noticed very quickly that actually the more exercise I did… the more training sessions I did, instead of feeling more tired and overwhelmed by work, I actually felt more energised and more able to cope with work.

I had two main reservations about seeing Stephen, one was really practical stuff like how I would possibly be able to fit in three gym sessions a week in between my weekly sessions with him. The other reservation was the fact that I felt like I had a lot of aches, pains and old injuries. In fact I felt that I was ‘injured’, and that exercise would never really be a possibility again. What I’ve learnt over the past 5 months of working with Stephen is that there is no such thing as being too injured for exercise. He has written programme after programme for me that has gradually built up my strength and fitness and has always taken account of the injuries and vulnerabilities, I’ve had. The other thing I’ve learnt, is that with his motivation and expertise I can rehabilitate some old injuries through exercise and that making the time to do that is both possible and extremely worthwhile.

Working with Stephen is hard work – but in a good way! I feel that he is always working at the edge of my capabilities, which means I always feel safe with him – his knowledge of physiology and the body means that he is constantly able to adapt exercise to suit my needs, but he’s always pushing and challenging me. He is utterly professional in his work, always on time and ready for sessions and always engaged with my goals.

Working with Stephen has provided me with lots of tangible results, in what I think is a really short amount of time. I’ve lost nearly 2 stone, dropped 2 dress sizes, and I feel the strongest and fittest I have ever felt. I have also created space in my week that is just for me, which perhaps is the most profound result. I love working with him, I love the challenges and the fact that I can see myself progressing through the programmes he writes for me. And I love the fact that when I think about myself, I identify as fit, strong and someone who goes to the gym 4- 5 times a week and loves it. (I couldn’t imagine thinking any of that 5 months ago)!”


Nigel Towers - Fire Fighter

“Before I met Stephen I was training myself but was pretty stale, doing the same work outs all the time and was lacking motivation really. I was keeping fit but wasn’t really progressing any.

My main reservation was just the cost really, having been a PTI years ago I knew that having a trainer would motivate me and if the trainer was right for me give results.

The training process with Stephen was really good. Initially I planned to have a trainer for a while to give me back some motivation, get me progressing and give me some idea’s. I then thought once back on track I could pack the trainer in and return to training myself. That never happened, I enjoyed it so much and saw such results that even now years later I still have a trainer. Of course it helps that my trainer is excellent and I get on really well with him. I consider him a mate as well as my trainer.

My best result has been getting hooked to the gym and fitness again.”

Andrea Smith

Andrea Smith

“Before starting personal training with Stephen I had been a member of Virgin Active for many years and had many trainers but as time when on I felt I was more of a 'sales number' rather than a client. The programmes were not too effective and seemed to cover all the trainers clients for that week.

At first I was concerned that due to my time with Virgin and other trainers that he would expect me to be fitter that I was. (That was dispelled though on the first meeting).

I have loved every minute training with Stephen. I am valued as a client and programmes are tailored to me and my goals and abilities. I am stretched and love it when I realise I can do things that I hadn't expected to be able to do. Stephen is a great motivator. A tough cookie too but always with a smile. He is always on hand for support and questions too when not in a session.

I have to say that my body shape has changed. It is not about weight loss for me, it is about feeling fit and healthy and pushing myself and enjoying how I feel before, during and after a session. The fact that I can see results both physically and mentally then what more can I wish for?”


Sally Camm - Director (on completing Marathon Des Sables)

“You have been amazing and without sounding cheesy there is no way I would have dragged my body round the course without your help and support!

It was hilarious, on day one all the boys were coming back with sore and broken shoulders and I did not even feel the weight of the pack (apart from a slight bruise).

I took great delight in telling them about our sessions!”


Kim Davies

“I decided it was time to get fit, having only played golf for the last 8 years. Also listening to the better golf players they all utilise modern, keep fit coaches to improve balance, core strength etc. I happened upon the Original Movement site by chance, the site looked as if it had something for everyone, from a top athlete to a couch potato.

When I met Stephen any reservations I had disappeared. He was was polite, highly professional and made me feel that I could achieve an all round level of fitness that I thought was only available to professional golfers. Whilst working with Stephen I was never seemed to be pushed too far , but the results were excellent , I felt a spring in my step and an increased energy level.

The best result of working with Stephen is that I feel I am able to do most activities well and not leave myself physically exhausted. I would recommend Stephen to anybody looking to improve their fitness and well being whether they are young or old.”


Charlotte Potter

“Before I met Stephen I didn't really have proper goals in mind, I drifted along in my comfort zone and didn't plan what I wanted/needed. I was also in quite a lot of pain through limited movement that I didn't know how to fix on my own.

My experience with Stephen has been a long journey of understanding, hard work and constant trying to change bad habits, mainly in my diet. Dealing with ongoing niggles has been frustrating when I can't train how I want to because of pain. I love training, especially when I'm fit enough for it, I love results I get and being able to move freely. Training with Stephen keeps me focused and motivated. I need pushing, I'm easily distracted sometimes! At the same time I know that Stephen knows when I am in pain and need therapy rather than more work. Stephen recognises what I need. For example, I know that Stephen agreed that CrossFit would be really bad for my Les Mills battered body. Knowledge is Power!

My favourite result has been getting my body fat down to less than 20%. However, being able to train to the best of my ability, free from pain, week in week out is something I will never take for granted and is probably the best ongoing result I/we gave achieved!”


Diane Hargreaves

“I was involved in a road traffic accident in 2008 which has left me with a chronic pain condition. My main problem was muscle tightness in my neck. I have had numerous treatments including Physiotherapy; Acupuncture; Dry needling; Traction; Botox injections, to name a few, these helped to a degree but was never consistent.

I had no reservations working with Stephen, in fact, I felt hope which I hadn't felt for some time. I feel you can tell from your first appointment whether you are working with the right person. I felt Stephen's knowledge was outstanding and this has been confirmed week on week.

At my initial session Stephen spent time getting the full picture of my condition so that a personal programme could be established, he was very thorough. At each session we go through how the week has gone to establish areas to work on. I have always been pro-active in relation to my care and like to know all the facts behind the treatments, Stephen as a matter of course always explains what he is doing and the medical theory behind it, he is able to answer any questions I have.

After just the second session of Fascial Manipulation I saw increased movement in my neck which I hadn't experienced in 5 years of treatments, whether it be through a Physiotherapist or a Consultant at the hospital.”


Nicola Hornby

“When I met Stephen originally, I had just changed gyms and I was looking for someone to help keep me motivated to train hard and develop my traIning further. I had worked with trainers at my previous gym and having had one trainer who was very good but had then moved on to teaching I then worked with someone who didn't really meet my needs.

Working with Stephen has been brilliant. He is extremely professional and knowledgeable. I admire the way that he is constantly learning new things and developing himself as a trainer. In that way neither of us stand still and our sessions are interesting and challenging. Stephen knows when to push me and when to ease off. I enjoy my training and constantly feel better for it.

I have worked with Stephen over two periods of time; the first time my fitness levels improved and I ran a 10km race, something I never thought that I would achieve; Since I have been working with Stephen again I have had numerous back and knee problems (not as a result of my training), throughout Stephen has kept me moving and active, and enjoying my training.”


Richard Thombs

“I've been working with Stephen for several years now. One thing that sticks in my mind is that I used to have very poor balance. It was one of the first things we worked on, and now I feel much more solid on my feet. I do a lot of mountaineering with heavy backpacks and I can't count the number of times where my improved balance and strength has enabled me to prevent slips and stumbles that would have previously resulted in a twisted ankle or a fall.

I had worked out with a PT previously and we'd got on very well and we'd got good results together. When he moved on to other things, I was worried that it would be hard to capture the same camaraderie and regime, but working with Stephen surpassed my expectations.

My experience with stephen has been very positive and productive. We typically organise around goals that are 3-6 months away and Stephen works out a training plan that will get me there. Every session is a challenge and I always come away pleased with how I've performed and feeling that progress has been made.

I did a season of triathlons, culminating in an Olympic distance at the London Triathlon (1.5km swim, 40km bike and 10k run). Never having ever competed at anything before, finishing that was a massive high. Beyond that, every time I stand on the summit of a mountain I say a silent thank you to Stephen for getting me there!”


Kate Swarbruck

“Before I visited James (my Osteopath) or Stephen (my Trainer) I was experiencing debilitating sciatic pain on a daily basis. This pain had been a long term problem and was being managed with medication.

My biggest fear regarding treatment and exercise was exacerbating my condition, it was already effecting the quality of my work and home life and I was fearful that interventions may make it worse. My Osteopath James had mentioned ‘bending and twisting’ which were words that frightened me slightly as I couldn’t do those things without pain (before I started treatment).

James used a variety of techniques and strategies that helped manage my low pain threshold. Over time my pain reduced and I was referred to Stephen for a remedial exercise plan. Stephen designed me an exercise program that I could do at home that complimented the course of treatment I’d had. Stephen regularly changes my programme to promote progression and prevent me getting bored.

As a result of working with James and Stephen my pain has had a dramatic reduction to the point that I no longer need to manage it with medication.”

Lisa Gritti

“Before I met Stephen I was extremely unfit and uneducated as to how to improve the situation. I had put on a lot of weight over the previous ten years, mainly due to eating out a lot and poor choices of food.

I was a little nervous about being pushed too hard, being embarrassed in front of other people in the gym and didn’t think I would have the motivation to keep up with any training.

Working with Stephen has has been absolutely great. The gym is small so I never feel embarrassed about what I am doing and, in fact, I have met some brilliant people during training. The sessions are very varied and can be tailored to suit whatever my needs are. My skiing has improved immensely after focusing on those skills in the gym. Also, I am much wiser about what foods I should be eating and the quantities. However, I am always encouraged to have the occasional treat!

My best result from working with Stephen is a much improved and very noticeable level of fitness. The smaller clothes have been a bonus!”

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