No matter where you're starting - whether you're a complete beginner or seasoned gym user STF provides a positive, non intimidating environment that guides you to success and achieving your goals.
Let me help you build your plan, overcome your challenges and realise your full potential!

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Stephen Tongue – Personal Trainer in Nottingham

What is Personal Training?

It’s all about you!

Personal training in Nottingham with me is an investment in your health. It is scheduled time for you and I to get together and implement an agreed strategy to improve your fitness and well-being. I’ll work with you to help you achieve your goals using the following system:

  • An assessment of your current status.
  • An agreed strategy for change.
  • Implementation of your strategy and one to one support through the change process.
  • Measure your results and reassess status.
Could You Benefit From Personal Training

Could You Benefit From Personal Training?

The short answer is YES – everyone can benefit from personal training. It’s ideal for people who may be struggling to get motivated, confused about what to do in the gym, unsure about healthy eating, suffering from injury, struggling to get results, or preparing for a specific event.

Personal training is about providing industry expertise and focus on you and your goals as well as helping you to achieve them efficiently and effectively.

Why work with a Personal Trainer?

There are various reasons that individuals choose personal training and those reasons often differ from person to person. Below are what I feel are some universal benefits that are shared by many of my clients.

Expertise & Experience

A good trainer has a current knowledge of the most effective, results based exercise and nutritional strategies and experience of getting those results with real people. They will have the ability to develop a bespoke fitness and nutritional strategy that will meet your needs.

Motivation & Inspiration

Having knowledge of how to get results is one thing, having good communication skills, emotional empathy and being able to lead people to success is another. Personal training is about adapting styles and coaching methods to suit you – helping you to overcome personal hurdles as well as inspiring you to change. The whole process is effective and enjoyable.

Education & Independence

Learning about health, performance and how to change them is the ultimate goal of personal training. You will be given the knowledge and tools you need to live the life you want to live.

1st Meeting With Personal Trainer

What to expect from your 1st meeting

For your first meeting you can expect a happy welcome and a tour of my facilities. We’ll also spend some time getting to know each other and understanding your specific situation.

You may be asked to do a little activity which is an opportunity for me to assess your ability and from there I can help you to set goals and start to plan your nutrition and exercise program.

  • Personal Training In Nottingham

What makes a good Personal Trainer?

In my opinion, a good personal trainer is an educator as well as a motivator. It is my responsibility to share information about the most effective methods to help you get the results you desire. I’ll educate you on the myths, the marketing and most importantly the truth about what really works and what is right for you.

Feeling comfortable, having the right equipment and being able to train efficiently are also important aspects. I train clients in the Original Movement studio close to the center of Nottingham. The studio contains everything we need – covering all types of training and catering for all types of goals. The studio is set in a tranquil location with plenty of natural light and even has an outdoor area overlooking the river.

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My Experience so far as a Personal Trainer

I’m now approaching 20 years experience as a personal trainer in Nottingham and I still wake up on a Monday morning and love going to work. It’s what I’ve wanted to do since I was a teenager.

My passion for fitness and therapy pushes me to constantly better my practice. I have studied countless CPD qualifications, workshops and seminars. I seek out the best educators in the world to continue my studies, better my practice and stay ahead of the curve. I am also Global master Trainer for FitPro & ViPR as well as UK Master Trainer for Powerplate, TRX & Queenax.

Who I work with

The majority of my client base consists of males and females aged between 25 -50 and living in and around Nottingham. I am certainly not exclusive to that segment and have worked with all age ranges, my youngest ever client is 11 and my oldest 83.

I have worked with clients from many different backgrounds including general public, full time athletes, celebrities and royalty from all around the UK. I train clients on a 1-2-1 basis, partners or small groups and larger groups including corporate training.

What I specialise in

I am a fully qualified personal trainer with additional nutrition and therapy related qualifications and so I like to blend the three to create an all round service.

I work particularly well with individuals that are new or returning to exercise but have also worked with many to improve sports performance or manage long term injury / illness.

Personal training costs

Personal Trainer rates will vary and price often reflects the quality of the trainer. For a well qualified and experienced trainer, expect to pay £50 – £100 per session in greater London and £30 – £60 elsewhere.

Personal training in Nottingham with me costs between £40 – £55 per week based on commitment. My packages are flexible and are tailored to your needs and your budget.

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