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5 fat loss workout strategies

If your on it, then your on it. Perhaps you have an upcoming deadline and your inching your way to a slimmer you? If your on a fitness drive right now you might be hitting the gym hard but are you doing it right? Let’s take advantage of your efforts to fight the flab by making the most of your workout time. Use these 5 great tips to ensure that all your hard work is focused on working off your wobble.

1. Compound Lifts

This refers to weight lifting exercises that recruit as many large muscle groups as possible. The more large muscles that are involved in the effort, the more calories you will burn. Some of my favourite compound lifts include:


Vipr Clean, Press Rotate

ViPR Lunge & Strike

Alligator Press Ups

RIP Pitchfork

Turkish Get ups

2. Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise is an exercise which is performed continuously for 2 minutes plus. This type of exercise (such as cycling) stimulates the production of mitochondria. Mitochondria are the cells that facilitate fat burning, the more mitochondria you have the greater your fat burning ability.

3. Anaerobic Intervals

Anaerobic exercise is high intensity exercise performed in under 2 minutes such as a flat out sprint. This type of training can burn high amounts of calories in a short period of time; anaerobic exercise will also encourage your body to go on burning extra calories even after you have finished exercising, this is known as EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption).

4. Reduce Rest

If your resting you are wasting valuable fat burning time. Who needs rest anyway? Try the following alternatives:

  • Rotate target areas. For example, if you have just completed a legs exercise rather than rest switch immediately to an upper body exercise and vice versa. This allows target areas to recover but keeps you active maximising your calorie burn.
  • Active Rest: in between your exercises perform another low intensity exercise to stimulate more fat burning. A great example of this would be performing skipping between exercises.

5. Ditch the Juice

The body burns fat more efficiently if blood sugar is stable. If you drink a sugary drink (such as a branded sports drink) during training this elevates your blood sugar and minimises fat burning potential. Water is all you need and the harder you work the better it tastes.

Incorporate the above strategies into your weekly training regime and cleanse your meals of any processed junk. Your accelerated results will leave you feeling FLABuLESS.

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