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My favourite TRX exercises

I’ve been on the TRX UK master trainer team for several years now and although it’s a tool that’s been around some time it’s a tool that has so much to give and I’m discovering new ways to apply the TRX all the time.

Traditionally most see the TRX and a tool for strengthening but it can also be used effectively to improve, balance, mobility, flexibility and more. The TRX is something I use every single workout and as it’s portable and accessible in the gym, home or outdoors is a must have piece of kit.

Speak to myself or one of the TRX UK master trainers to find out how to apply new methods of training and get the most from the straps.

To start you off here are a few video tutorials demonstrating my favourite mobiliser, stretch and strengthening exercises.

TRX T Spine Rotation Mobiliser Exercise

TRX Single Arm Hip Flexor Stretch

TRX Power Row Strength Exercise

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