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Can you slice bread out of your diet?

What is the one food that in the UK we would traditionally eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner? You got it, bread!

It’s very likley that today you have you had toast, a sandwich (or similar) or a slice of bread and butter with your tea. Bread is very convenient, it’s a big part of our eating culture but in my opinion is not great for our health.

White bread in particular is very highly refined food and these processed carbohydrates can be an area of concern for many people. Eating too much can lead to excess fat gain, bloating and energy slumps – none of which will help keep your waist line tight and toned.

So, my challenge to you is this. For one whole month (that’s 30 days if your not sure) remove bread completely from your diet! Empty it from your cupboards and stay away from the sandwich shop. This will force you to find healthier alternatives such as tasty salads and soups. Out of curiosity you may also want to monitor what it does for your weight, waist circumference and energy levels? Go on, treat your body!


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