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FitPro convention

The Fitpro convention is an annual event which is pretty much the highlight of my business year. This event has been running for over 20 years and is held on Loughborough university campus. The convention draws the best health and fitness presenters and educators from all over the world onto one site for three days.

As a personal trainer, this represents a great opportunity to network and meet great new minds as well as touch base with old friends and colleagues. I get to attend lectures from some of the most ground breaking minds from across the world that present the latest research and help to share best practice in the world of health and fitness. Finally I get to see what is trending in world wide fitness ahead of the curve letting me experiment and get familiar with equipment that you may well be using in a years time.

Here are some of my highlights from this year:

Who I met

Each year I try to discover new presenters that I can learn from and that inspire me to get better at what I do. This year that man was Rodney Corn. Rodney is a specialist in biomechanics, his understanding of human movement is second to none. He advices Universities and sports teams in around his residence in California and is author of several books. What I picked up from Rodney this year was the importance of getting people in the right frame of mind before they begin an exercise program, Rodney has many ideas on how to pick people up spiritually to put them into a positive frame of mind before they begin to move. The right frame of mind and the appropriate type of training at the appropriate time in someones life is something I will be applying back in the studio.

What I learned

Fascia seems to be the ever increasing buzz word across the fitness industry right now. This is something That I have been aware of and working with for several years now and the mainstream fitness industry is slowly catching up. Every year I go back to fitpro and increasing amounts of research have been performed on this connective soft tissue and the importance of its health on movement is becoming more and more apparent. A lot of current research around fascia is concentrated on its role as a sensory organ in the human body, a tissue that constantly gives us feedback on our movements and even creates pain when something is wrong. My understanding of Fascia continues to develop as the fitness world begins to realise how important its role is in movement.

What is trending…

Some may be pleased to hear and some maybe horrified to hear that the mighty Rip Trainer is the most talked about fitness toy on the market this year. Many of the large health club chains have plans to purchase huge numbers of rip trainers over the next year or so as its popularity continues to grow. A master class run by the inventor Pete Holman was packed full of Personal Trainers and Group Exercise Instructors all experiencing the Rip Trainer for the first time. I introduced the Rip Trainer to the studio for the first time almost one year ago now and so you have probably had your hands on one way before many of the instructors in your local health club. That makes you way trendy in the world of gyms!


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