Group personal training with Sweaty Betty

STF recently teamed up with clothing company Sweaty Betty for a small group personal training experience with the TRX RIP Trainer. The result was sweat, laughter and calorie killing fun. Read on to find out exactly what we got up to on a sunny Sunday morning.

Sweaty Betty are not just a clothing company that offer stylish workout gear, they create a fitness community amongst their members offering free classes to all those in their fitness community. This is where I came in. When SB approached me to run a group personal training session I knew immediately what would work for them, the RIP Trainer.

At STF I always promote quality movement above anything else, when you can move well exercise not only becomes easier and more effective, it becomes more fun. One tool that is great for developing good movement is the TRX RIP Trainer. The RIP (Rotational Integrated Power) uses elastic resistance to challenge rotational force. This system gives the whole of your trunk an incredible workout which works your abdominals in all directions. To truly understand how the RIP Trainer challenges your core stability you have to try it for yourself! To book a FREE trial personal training session with me, please contact me today.

On a sunny Sunday morning Team Sweaty Betty made their way to the Forest Recreation Ground for some al fresco fitness fun. The whole group were head to toe in stylish technicolored workout gear and certainly looked like they were there to train. Not knowing what they were letting themselves in for I was on site early to prepare the workout and give them a briefing on what lied ahead. I was very impressed with the girls enthusiasm and open minded approach to trying this new style of resistance training. The workout was structured in 4 parts, here’s what we did:

Part 1: Foundational Movements

The first part of the workout was to introduce the ‘unique feel’ of the RIP trainer and to systematically challenge ability to stabilise rotational force in a forward facing, side facing and rear facing position. This allowed the group to familiarise themselves with the RIP Trainer and myself. It was smiles all round and it was soon apparent that the group were in good shape and ready for the next level, bring on Part 2.

Part 2: Cardio Fitness & Power

The intensity really cranks up at this point as the movements become higher skill, more athletic and more cardiovascular demanding. As I introduced exercises such as the ‘Hockey Slap Shot’ the group realised that they had a real workout on their hands. To their credit the group got down and dirty with the workout, smiles turned to focused expressions. There was sweat, screams, cheers and hands on knees as energy levels peaked. At this point I offered exercise options for progression to the members of the group that wanted to really push it and standard exercises for those that didn’t. By the end of this section many calories had been spent and it was time for part 3.

Part 3: Core Strength & Stability

This is the part of the workout where I really home in on those core muscles. These movements are less dynamic and instead place emphasis on holding good posture as you work against resistance. The real core stability test is when your training partner adds vibration to the RIP chord providing a dynamic, multidirectional force that your core muscles must absorb. This interaction within the group makes for great fun and banter and the group really went for it.

Part 4: Cool Down & Stretch

Finally after Team Sweaty Betty had had their core muscles tested from every angle it was time to chill things out and slow down to a relaxing stretch. This is the point at which you really appreciate training outdoors and soaking up the suns rays. A sense of achievement was hanging in the air.

The final feedback from the group was fantastic and a completely new experience for all involved. Feedback that was highlighted included the manner in which the RIP encourages interaction and the unique sensation you get when working against rotational resistance. It was a great workout, on a great morning, with great people. Well done Sweaty Betty.

For more information on TRX RIP Training or Personal Training in Nottingham see below for an opportunity for a trial session with Stephen Tongue Fitness.

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