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Starting your personal training journey

You did it! You have made the decision to do something about your current status of health and fitness and you’re booked in for your first Personal Training session with Stephen Tongue Fitness. You’re nervous, maybe excited about what to expect from your first session and perhaps thinking about the aftermath of your first workout? In this short article I will explain what you can expect from your first personal training session with me – why you have every reason to be excited and no need to be nervous.

The goals of the first personal training session

Training should be a positive experience, my goal is not to kill you but to make you stronger. The first training session is the start of a positive working relationship between Personal Trainer and client. A mutual respect and bond must exist in the partnership for a training plan to be successfully completed. For you the first session represents the start of a change process that will lead to a new improved you. For me it is an extremely important information gathering exercise. It’s chance for me to evaluate your learning styles, your motivational green lights, your body and your training preferences. This will give me the information I need to plan a strategy that fits your body and more importantly your personality.

Vital Statistics

It’s very important that we measure your progress and so that means from time to time we will recode data on how your body is changing. This may include weight, circumference measurements, body fat testing, BMI, blood pressure and more. The chosen tests will be related to your goals.

Fitness assessment

As well as measuring your body it is also important to measure your performance. As you become fitter and stronger your body will become more and more capable and your levels of performance will increase. Once again the type of assessment will be dependant on what your training goals are but could include tests for balance, aerobic fitness, muscular endurance, strength, agility and more.

Equipment induction

My training style is movement based and so I only work with equipment that will enhance and develop human motion. During your first training experience you may be introduced to new equipment you have never seen or used before. This makes the session that little more exciting and you will be given expert tuition on how to use such equipment effectively. This might include kit such as Power Plates, ViPR’s, TRX RIP Trainers and more.

Fitness Fun

An important part of developing good quality movement and body control is play. Play is a fundamental way we learn physical skills and enhance our reactions. Game play is also very interactive between client and trainer. This makes for a fun training experience often to the point that you forget you’re exercising. This method of exercise is significantly more uplifting than the monotony of gym machines such as bikes and cross trainers. In your first few training sessions you may be introduced to simple games that will help your body develop and be more stimulating for your mind.

The beginning of your fitness education

My goal is not just to tell you how to be healthy but to help you understand why it is important and how best to achieve it. If I educate you well on health and fitness you can continue to make your own informed decisions about how to be healthy for the rest of your long life. To help achieve this we will talk regularly about what optimum health is and how to continue your journey toward it. You may be offered further reading and even training if you want it. Remember we want to aim to create life long health not just a summer beach body.

Your first exercise experience should be a positive one, an experience that inspires you to change and gives you confidence that you can.

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