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The triad of health

As a personal trainer I see it as my role not just to help people lose a few pounds or to run a little faster (although that helps) but to improve their overall health. Being healthier means that you will get the most out of your body, your career, your relationships and ultimately your life. The model I use to do this and the aspects of health I try to subtly influence are found in a model called the triad of health.


Mental health is very important to achieving overall health because ultimately the conscious and sub conscious minds are the drivers of the bodies actions and behaviors. Many things can influence good mental health but I often see opportunities missed by clients that could really benefit them. The most common of these is relaxation time. Knowing what makes you happy and taking time out to do it has huge influence on your perception of how happy you are as an individual. Many people simply do not do this often enough, you should schedule time into your diary weekly to do something that truly makes you feel good.


Chemical health refers to our biochemistry. Our biochemistry is largely influenced by our environment such as whether you live in a busy city or in remote country side and of course by what we put into our bodies whether it be food, drugs or other substances such as smoke. Good chemical health can be achieved by providing what it is the body needs and not what the sub conscious craves of course to achieve this you need to be disciplined which can only be accomplished with good mental health. My best advice on chemical health is to only eat natural foods, the foods which our bodies evolved on.


Structural health is where my expertise lies and refers to a well balanced, freely moving body. Your posture can influence your bodies biochemistry and even your emotions. Having a living machine that is well oiled gives you the perfect vehicle to enjoy your health and make the most of your 5 senses and how they interpret the world around them. Efficient, pain free motion is what I aim to achieve with everyone and my best advice on achieving this is continue to move with good energy in all three dimensions of movement.

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